Service Offers

Whether you want to take advantage of one of our packaged service offers or are looking for a more tailored solution, we can help you realize your objectives quickly and effectively.  

Strategy Planning

You have big ideas and plans for your business, but you feel you may be missing something, or you want a second pair of eyes to help craft the Big Plan. We can help you focus on your core priorities, build a plan to succeed, think creatively, and launch with a Bang!

British American Business

We have experience and connections in the US and UK markets. If you are a UK organization looking to establish a presence or a channel in the US, we can help you get set up; if you are a US organization looking to establish a presence or channel in the UK, we can also help you. We have the right experience, background and network of partners to help you get established and selling quickly.

Interim Business Development

Are you looking to launch a new solution, or build a channel or alliance structure, or enter a new market - but you don't want to make the big investment in landing your own people before you are absolutely ready? We can help you provide interim business development resources to help you get established in a market in advance of the "Big Push". Whether it is for geographic expansion into new markets, or testing out a new solution, we can help you. 

Channel and Alliance Creation and Management

Do you currently have a direct sales model, but want to expand your potential through channels or alliances? Do you want to enter a new market by working with and through third party partners? We can help you build the strategy for your solutions in your priority markets.

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